Technological Achievements

10National Invention Patents
4Appraisal of Scientific and Technological Achievements
12Practical Patents and 2Appearance Patents
Core technology of membrane concentration and membrane separation with independent intellectual property rights
The low caffeine tea concentrate (tea powder) intermediate won the title of "National Key new product

Adhere to the Principle of "Independent R & D, Technological Innovation"

※ The factory is designed and constructed in strict accordance with GMP standard GB 50073-2013 Clean Workshop Design Code of the People's Republic of China.
※ According to different sections, the cleanliness of the workshop ranges is from 100,000 to locality 100.
※ The products are jointly developed by the company's R & D team and domestic academician expert team.
※ With a number of patented technologies and imported equipment, the company has independently designed a comprehensive production line that has reached the domestic leading level. To achieve the "four modernizations" standard: integrated - efficient, stable; Automation - efficient, save power; Informatization – efficient, traceable; Intelligent - efficient, controllable supervision.
※ Produce specific products by special treatment of ultrasonic, compound enzyme, supercritical technology.
※ Enzyme hydrolysis technology, membrane technology, aroma backfill technology to ensure the original flavor of products.

Standardized and International Factory Construction

With a total investment of 1.03 billion yuan and a construction area of 170,000 square meters, Xian Yang Yang Biological Industrial Park can produce 100,000 tons of concentration of various land plants and Marine organisms intermediates after completion. At present, the first phase has been completed, annual output reach 30,000 tons, brake control, a production line integrating braking control and intelligent management has been built and put into operation, meets customer’s demand.

development of health care functions. The products include: all kinds of tea concentrate, instant tea powder, more than 200 extracts of all kinds of plants and some Marine organisms, and innovatively developed more than 10 kinds of terminal products -- "Licol" brand functional drinks.

CO2 Supercritical Extraction

Using the special dissolving effect of supercritical carbon dioxide on some special natural products, and the relationship between the dissolving ability of supercritical carbon dioxide and its density, high efficiency products can be extracted.

Our business scope covers five application areas: fragrance extraction, decaffeination, oil extraction, plant extraction, sterilization and disinfection.

Specific Product List:

Natural fragrance (Axanthin essential Oil (powder), propolis, Natural Astaxanthin, Natural BETA carotene, Natural Lycopene, Natural Lutein, α -linolenic acid (Perilla seed oil, Flaxseed oil), Seabuckthorn Seed Oil, γ -linolenic acid (Evening primrose oil), Squalene (Plant source), (bee) Pollen Extract, Algal oil DHA, Algae oil EPA, walnut oil, sesame oil, Ganoderma lucidum spore oil, Anthracite extract, Saw palm extract, schisandrin, Osthole, allicin, β -elemene, etc.

Membrane Filtration, Reverse Osmosis Membrane Concentration Technology

Through ultrafiltration membrane technology, ceramic membrane technology, intercepting suspended solids, colloids, proteins and microorganisms, macromolecular substances in the solution, and then achieve the effect of purification and separation solution; By using reverse osmosis membrane technology, at a lower temperature,the liquid can be concentrated without losing the original flavor and maintaining good quality.

Ultra High Temperature Instantaneous Sterilization Technology

Ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization (UHT) technology is adopted to ensure the original flavor and safety of products.