Product Safety

To ensure the safety of products for human health and the environment is the core concept of our company. The R&D team of the company carries out strict toxicological and safety assessment on all the raw materials used in the intermediate products, and develops the products in accordance with the Chinese pharmacopoeia and important Chinese medical works, and the latest regulations on chemical substance management of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China. Our company has corresponding safety assurance procedures in the development stage of intermediates to ensure that all products are in line with relevant safety regulations and standards.

Sustainability of Environmental Health and Safety

1、To become a leader in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical intermediates manufacturing industry in terms of environment, health and safety.

2、Maintain a high level of environmental, health and safety standards within the group and its subsidiaries and continue to improve.

3、Promote environmental, health and safety concepts as part of staff's daily work to create an environmentally healthy and safe working environment.

4、Actively and continuously communicate and maintain good relationship with community, government, customers, suppliers, public and stakeholders.

5、Identify risks in the early stages of process, plant and production process design to ensure operational safety.

6、Continuous efforts to reduce the accident rate.

7、Optimize production process and use of raw materials and energy to reduce pollution.

Employee Sustainability

We nurture and retain talented, creative, passionate and proud professionals who contribute to the sustainable development of our society. We provide them with a safe and healthy working environment where they have the opportunity to develop their talents, succeed and grow in their positions. This is very important to us.

Our ultimate expectation is:
Create a workplace that is attractive to every employee
Achieve a healthy work-life balance for all employees
A diverse workforce team
Educate and encourage staff to contribute to the sustainable development of society
Conduct all activities in a responsible, accountable, open and transparent manner

Sustainability of Raw Materials

We source raw materials in a way that protects our environment, promotes community development and well-being, and ensures the efficient use of precious resources. As a global buyer of raw materials in the tea extract and plant extract industries, we are well aware of our ethical and commercial responsibilities in the supply chain of our business. Our tea extract and plant extract products use hundreds of different ingredients from many countries and regions, so it is crucial to have a deep understanding of the raw material supply chain. Identifying and mitigating potential risks to the sustainable supply of raw materials is also fundamental to our work.

Our ultimate expectation is:
Sourcing sustainable raw materials
Understand the origin and distribution of raw materials
Select and review suppliers based on sustainability performance
Provide support to suppliers
Committed to protecting biodiversity and culture

Sustainable Innovation and development

Xian Yang Yang Biotech is leading the way in designing and developing consumer preferred pre-intermediates for health products based on sustainable development principles to meet current and future needs.

Our ultimate expectation is:
100% sustainable
Innovate in smart, sustainable ways
Be the partner of choice for sustainable solutions
Focus innovation on public health, sanitation and well-being, and fair trade globally